Shoosmiths publishes its sixth annual slavery and human trafficking statement

Shoosmiths is committed to better understanding its supply chains and collaborating with stakeholders who wish to improve transparency and address incidents of slavery or human trafficking.

This applies not just to our own practices but also to the identification of opportunities in wider society where we might be able to make a difference. We are particularly keen to hear from like-minded organisations so that we can explore collaborative opportunities.

Anti-Slavery Day which takes place each year on 18 October aims to raise awareness of trafficking and modern slavery and to encourage preventative action to the problem facing more than 46 million victims worldwide.

What is Shoosmiths doing?

We recently published our 2021 statement setting out our progress and plans. Key activities during the year over and above continuing to advise our clients on this issue included:

  • Continuing to standardise procurement policies and practices across the business that are aligned with Shoosmiths’ responsible supply chain management requirements.
  • Continuing to increase understanding of potential risk areas perceived by our priority suppliers within their supply chains. This included remote assessments within facilities management.
  • Donations to Unseen to support its modern slavery helpline and to Birmingham Methodist District’s Adavu Project which supports adult survivors of modern slavery in the West Midlands, which has the second highest rate of referrals (after London) for victims of modern slavery. The Adavu Project charity used the donation to buy emergency bus travel and vouchers for clients to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Providing key suppliers access to the Shoosmiths Academy e-learning module ‘Modern Slavery for Managers’

Our five priorities for 2021/2022 are to:

  1. Launch our online supplier database and onboarding system which will include the modern slavery questions previously asked of priority suppliers by individual directorates and divisions.

  2. Continue to offer modern slavery e-learning training to suppliers as a way of increasing supplier understanding and potential for collaboration in order to increase understanding of potential risk areas perceived by our priority suppliers within their supply chains.

  3. Through our travel management provider, develop a preferred hotel listing which ensures all properties recommended for Shoosmiths are provided by the Hotel Booking Agents Association members and that the members adhere to HBAA’s Terms of Ethics which can be viewed here.

  4. Continue to explore opportunities for collaboration within the business sector and with third sector organisations involved in mitigating and preventing slavery and trafficking within the UK; and

  5. Continue to raise awareness amongst stakeholders.

With a supply chain consisting of circa 950 suppliers in relation to the purchasing of goods and services that support the operations of our offices and services to our clients our potential degree of influence is significant.

Our 2021 statement and previous statements are located here.

If you would like to explore collaborating with Shoosmiths please contact [email protected].


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