Shoosmiths supports Earth Hour Day 2017

Shoosmiths supports Earth Hour each year which in 2017 took place on Saturday 25 March 2017 2030-2130 hours. The campaign, co-ordinated by WWF highlights the importance of action to reduce the scale of climate change.

In addition to offices switching off unnecessary lights and equipment colleagues took part in a competition to find out why they believe it important that Shoosmiths play its part in tackling climate change and actions they will undertake at work.

Two common themes expressed were the importance of Shoosmiths playing its part in tackling climate change a) relating to our size and leadership aspirations and b) its commercial relevance in the work we can undertake for clients.

Winners who will each receive a £30 super cheque and a £30 donation to an approved environmental charity are Emma Cartledge, Michelle Payne, Suzanne Cunninghame, Georgia Harris, Samantha Bobbie, Nicola Shave and Lucasz Minuczyc:

Some of the reasons expressed about our role included:

‘as a large national firm we have an excellent platform to be able to communicate important messages’

‘it can drive innovation and provide inspiration for new revenue opportunities

‘it is vital that Shoosmiths look after its clients now and in the future and this means their environment as well as legal needs’

‘everything Shoosmiths does has an impact on climate change’

‘lots of little things make big changes’

‘because it is a highly reputable firm who can demonstrate a commitment to an internationally important issue’

 Colleagues’ contributions at work; encouraging team members to do the same included:

Wise travel

  • Walk to work and in getting around as part of my job
  • Keep cycling to work
  • Walk to local shops during lunch break, rather than using car
  • Use train to travel to business meetings

Resource conservation

  • Scan and read on screen more
  • Organise a meeting with the managers in my department to discuss further ways of saving paper, ink and postage to reduce waste, cost and our carbon footprint
  • Operate a paperless environment wherever possible
  • Check, check and re check letters before printing them
  • Print only necessary documents
  • Print black and white, two pages to a side
  • Reduce use of post it notes
  • Purchase locally produced food

Energy conservation

  • Ensure computers and screens that my teams use throughout the day are switched off correctly before going home (noting equipment such as printers switch to energy saving mode when not in use).
  • Ensure lights screens, plug sockets in and around reception are switched off and closed down on a nightly basis
  • Turn off lights when I leave a (meeting) room or if I pass unoccupied rooms
  • Waste elimination
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible and encourage colleagues to do the same
  • Use recycling bins correctly
  • Bring my lunch in re-usable containers

Water conservation

  • Press the small button on the toilet flusher


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