Shoosmiths supports Tree Council tree planting project at Cold Ashby Golf Centre

Shoosmiths has recently supported the planting of 310 British native trees at Cold Ashby Golf Centre. The planting followed the difficult decision to remove trees in the front car park at the Shoosmiths Lakes office.

The trees, planted in circa 1996, had been deteriorating over the last two or three years. It was hoped their condition might improve but in July 2021 a professional tree consultant who surveyed each of the 51 trees, concluded that the trees were either dead or dying and therefore needed removing. The primary causes of decline were salt damage and a lack of soil volume, followed by (in some cases) opportunistic saprotrophic fungi taking advantage of the already weakened trees.

It was determined that rather than replant trees on the site Shoosmiths would fund an alternative tree planting project nearby and we are delighted that discussions with The Tree Council resulted in 310 trees being planted at Cold Ashby Golf Centre in January 2022.

Cold Ashby Golf Centre is a co-operative, not for profit golf club run for the benefit of its private members the local community in Northamptonshire, and surrounding areas, working closely with local schools to inspire the next generation of golfers.

In 2021, Cold Ashby Golf Centre secured funding from The Tree Council’s Branching Out community grants programme to deliver the first phase of tree planting. After this initial success, the Golf Club has completed its second phase of planting in the 2021/22 planting season, supported by Shoosmiths in partnership with The Tree Council.

Thanks to Shoosmiths’ support, Cold Ashby Golf Centre has planted 310 British native trees, including field maple, alder, silver birch, hazel, hawthorn, wild cherry, rowan, oak and lime. A key focus for the tree planting is to create new habitats for wildlife and maintain those already in existence. The species of trees selected have significant wildlife and biodiversity benefits and will diversify the course's existing planting.

The planting is just the start – the Golf Club will make sure these newly planted trees are well looked after to ensure they reach maturity, and local school children who helped plant the trees will also help look after the trees on an ongoing basis.

At the Lakes carpark, the dead and dying trees were removed on 7 January 2022. The wood was chipped onsite and recycled back into the planting beds as mulch.  During the weekend of 19/20 March 2022, the car park was replanted with suitable shrubs (dogwood, euonymus and viburnum) and plants such as sea thrift, st john’s wort and cat mint.  The new plants were chosen for their salt resistance, water hardiness and bee friendly qualities.

The Tree Council is a national charity that brings people together to plant and care for trees.

Sara Lom, Chief Executive, The Tree Council commented:

‘Through our community grants programme, Branching Out, we plant and care for tens of thousands of trees and hedgerows in communities across the UK each year. We are delighted that Shoosmiths chose to support one of this year’s community planting projects at Cold Ashby Golf Centre, planting 310 British native trees that will benefit the environment and the local community for generations to come.’ 

You can find out more about The Tree Council at


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