Shoosmiths supports World Water Day

On World Water Day 22nd March 2024 Shoosmiths highlighted the importance of water to its employees.

This year's theme was 'Leveraging water for peace.' The scarcity of water affects every continent, with many countries sharing rivers. Poorer communities or those countries at war, are often affected the most. The importance of fresh water and good sanitation is a basic human right.

On the intranet we provided more details about the campaign, including the impact of water use on UK GHG emissions.

We explained how as a business we look for opportunities to reduce our water consumption. At our Northampton office, for example, we have installed a valve in our water tank to reduce the inlet of water.

We also highlighted how we can all practice using the water we have responsibly including:

  • Turning off the tap while you brush your teeth
  • Using the half flush on the toilet instead of the full when possible
  • Taking two minute showers
  • Making sure your dishwasher is full before switching it on
  • Fixing leaking taps and toilets
  • Wear clothes that extra day to save washing
  • Avoiding heating water – modern washing machines and detergents work well at lower temperatures
  • Save excess water for garden plants
  • Save rain water with water butts

We also reminded colleagues to report leaking taps to the local estates team.


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