Shoosmiths takes part in National Stress Awareness Day

Wednesday 7 November 2018 was National Stress Awareness Day. The national campaign is organised by the International Stress Management Association and aims to raise awareness of the causes of stress, and the ways in which you can reduce your stress levels.

To mark this day Shoosmiths’ national network of Mental Health Wellbeing Champions organised events and initiatives to raise awareness about stress. These included:

In Northampton, colleagues were encouraged to join a walking, running or yoga taster session at lunchtime. Activity buddies hosting these sessions provided information on ways to stay active and how exercise can reduce stress levels. Reach Out conversation cards were made available should anyone feel they need help and support. There was also a ‘When I’m stressed’ wall and blank ‘When I’m stressed’… cards for colleagues to share their chill or de-stress tips to help feel more in control and able to handle pressure;

In Manchester, Milton Keynes and Solent awareness was raised about signs of stress and coping techniques; Manchester colleagues were also provided with a piece of paper and instructions on how to fold an origami swan. Working through the steps and completing an origami swan is a quick and easy way to take a break and relax;

In Birmingham the champions started a conversation about stress in the workplace by hosting a stress awareness session. This gave colleagues the opportunity to share thoughts about feeling stressed and how best to manage it; and

In Nottingham colleagues were encouraged to visit the Zen Zone where they could have a massage, listen to soothing music or just chill and relax.

Staff were reminded of guidance on health and wellbeing on the Shoosmiths intranet and LawCare’s independent and confidential helpline. The Mental Health Wellbeing Champions also distributed Shoosmiths branded stress balls to colleagues. These proved extremely popular!


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