Social mobility activities in Milton Keynes

During November and December 2023, the Milton Keynes Office Social Mobility Working Group (“the Working Group”) collaborated with Hazeley Academy, Milton Keynes to deliver short assembly presentations setting out the current pathways to the legal profession.

The presentations were split across year group assemblies of students in Years 11, 10 and 9, capturing a diverse group of students at different stages of their studies. Members of the Working Group -legal advisors,  Business Development and HR colleagues,  attended assemblies on allotted days.

We showed a short video about Shoosmiths, our key practice areas and routes to qualification  for aspiring lawyers with an explanation of the differences and similarities of each route. A short verbal presentation with Questions and Answers then followed which covered off the contrast between the work of a solicitor and barrister and the range of specialist practice areas.

The feedback received from Hazeley Academy was very positive (for both teaching representatives and the Working Group’s volunteers alike). Students across the three groups engaged with follow up questions, with a number of individuals expressing an active interest in pursuing a career in law.

The Working Group will continue the great work of 2023 into the new year with various dates in the diary including attendance (following invitation) at Hazeley Academy’s sister school, Shenley Brook End School, for their Year 10 Careers festival.

Career fair

Also in December, members of the Milton Keynes office attended a careers fair at Ousedale School, Newport Pagnell, with the objective of raising awareness about accessibility of a career in a law firm, where support non-legal roles play an invaluable part. The Working Group also wanted to raise awareness of the different routes into a law firm and that it doesn’t always require a degree and going to university. The final aim was to make it clear to the students that whatever their background, they can pursue a career in law / in a law firm and many of the employees from Shoosmiths went to state schools, with no previous connections in law. 

To find out more about our approach to social mobility see here.


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