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Cia® use cases

See how Cia® has been implemented to solve issues commonly faced by in-house legal teams.


Suppliers are tasked with responding to a high volume of tenders which often necessitate detailed legal commentary and require quick turnaround times. IHLs have to balance the use of resource against the likelihood of winning the work.

What we did

  1. We worked with a leading outsourced service provider to automate their tender responses through Cia® 

  2. We configured Cia® to provide a mark-up or table of comments to ensure that Cia®’s output is tailored to the format dictated by the customer as part of the tender

  3. We further configured Cia® so that our client can adopt a light touch or more detailed approach depending on the opportunity


The use of Cia® in this way allows the average turnaround time for tender responses to be decreased by up to 90% with no additional headcount.


Complex projects often mean lengthy contracts which can take hours for lawyers to get their head around. Lawyers then need to consider the intricacies of the commercial deal and take instructions from the business before providing their comments. 

What we did

We worked with a major fashion retailer to automate the initial review of major contracts so that the IHL is working from a document which has already been marked up with explanatory comments, capturing standard legal issues such as liabilities, indemnities, termination rights, confidentiality obligations and other key provisions.


On average, the client saves 3-5 hours by using Cia® for the initial review and can focus on adding value to deal specific issues.


Our client wanted an AI contract review solution that was tailored to their own playbook. Our client didn’t have the experience or resource to work directly with a software provider to create their own tailored solutions.

What we did

  1. Our client was able to select from over 1,500 pre-configured questions that could be used to review contracts from day 1

  2. We worked with the client to identify additional questions, then configured Cia® to recognise relevant clauses for such questions with a high level of accuracy and consistency

  3. We used the client’s template documents to configure Cia® with the client’s own standard clauses and accompanying commentary to be used when preparing mark-ups or reports


Our client now has a version of Cia® which replicates its own playbook. They can now use Cia® to save 3-5 hours per contract and remove the grind from their contract reviews.


Our client needed to analyse over 150 contracts for key contract terms within a limited timeframe. This would have required 4 lawyers to work on the project on a full-time basis over several months.

What we did

We worked with the client to configure a bespoke checklist of issues and then deployed Cia® to expedite the review process whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy and consistency.


  1. The contract review process was completed in a fraction of the time compared to if the task was carried out manually

  2. Only one member of the client’s IHL team needed to work with Cia® to carry out the review. This not only saved considerable resource but also allowed the rest of the IHL team to redirect their efforts towards progressing revenue generating customer contract

  3. With each contract integrated into the Cia® platform, our client gained the ability to interrogate their portfolio further. The platform facilitates asking additional questions and generating insightful reports, empowering the client to extract valuable insights at no additional cost


IHLs are inundated with an ever-increasing number of contracts to review. In response, IHLs often adopt a triage process which excludes low-value contracts from any form of legal review. Whilst this allows IHLs to prioritise resource where it is most required, it is an imperfect solution.

What we did

We worked with a national retailer to create a triage process whereby the business are able to self-serve by sending contracts under a certain value threshold to be reviewed by Cia® which flags risks without increasing the workload on the IHL team. 


Cia® highlights the key legal risks on business-as-usual contracts that would otherwise infiltrate the business unchecked.


IHL teams are often required to create contract summaries to accompany the final version of the contract when processing for signature which adds to the team’s workload.

What we did

We automated the generation of contract summaries using Cia® by using customised checklists for different categories of contracts, which identifies deviations from the client’s standard positions and provides analysis against existing contracts in the client’s portfolio.


On average, the client saves up to 2 hours per contract summary and as a result of Cia®’s ability to generate a familiarity rating, non-standard positions are contextualised by reference to how common they are within the client’s existing portfolio of contracts.

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If you’re looking to save time and get the basics done in a timely and effective manner, leaving you to get on with the complex bits of your job, Cia® does just that.

Ian Blackwell, Legal & Compliance Director at Next plc.

Cia® has been a game changer for the Deliveroo legal team, saving us significant time on our contract reviews so we can focus on other key priorities.

Sophie Lees (Head of Commercial and IP) at Deliveroo

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