Bitesize webinar – Force majeure and the emergence from lockdown

Partners Fiona Teague and Jonathan Smart look at force majeure and the legal and practical challenges of emerging from lockdown in this short LexisNexis® Brief bitesize webinar.

In particular, they consider:

  • the consequences of lockdown being released: ‘they think it is all over?’ Is it now?
  • resumption and timing of performance of contracts: Is performance still prevented, hindered or delayed? What next?
  • what about notices and other contractual requirements?
  • how risky is the emergence from lockdown into partial lockdown?
  • dealing with your contracts: have any terminated? What about new terms or variations to contracts to reflect the new commercial landscape?
  • what mitigating steps to take (including mitigation of loss)
  • the need to keep good records, be prepared for any future spikes, apportion risk and future-proof contracts
  • the non-statutory guidance published by the UK Government and the Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill (and its effect on termination provisions on insolvency)
  • a number of top tips on how to emerge successfully from lockdown and avoid being sued for non-performance

Watch the video here. Things are changing all the while so do get in touch with Fiona or Jonathan if you’d like any further insight or updates.


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