The ShooPod sessions - S2 Ep 8 : Journey Through a Contract - Back-to-back supply chains

This podcast examines the key considerations parties should give to contractual rights and obligations as they flow through a supply chain.

A supply chain can consist of a number of different contracts, including those with raw material suppliers and manufacturers at the start, to distributors and customers at the end. If you are a party in that supply chain, how do you ensure that any liabilities or risks you are assuming in relation to a particular contract are going to be taken seriously by other parties in that supply chain?

Caroline Chester and Rachel Rossdale navigate the risks of not giving proper consideration to each parties’ rights and obligations as they flow from contract to contract through a supply chain, and how putting in place back-to-back arrangements can mitigate these risks.    

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The Journey Through a Contract series is brought to you by the Commercial and Projects team at Shoosmiths, aimed at explaining the basic terms of a commercial contract.


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