Impact report FY23

A review of the progress and impact Shoosmiths has made during 2022-2023 in respect of its clients, people, innovations, ESG goals and financial performance



MyCustomerLens offers us the
flexibility we need to make the switch from a manual process to allowing tech to do the job for us – resulting in a number of efficiencies along the way and a deeper level of insight than we can produce manually.

Shoosmiths’ senior client culture manager, Aileen Leahy

Nina, our client partner, has connected me to several members of the wider team who provide a great support network. The firm
has an incredible collection of people who are consistently supportive, responsive and fantastic in their fields. It supports me on a really broad range of matters – to have what has become a successful one stop external
counsel solution is a rare and precious thing!

Charlotte Jackson, GC, The Chevron Group

This is an exciting time to further evolve the firm's approach to international work and develop our reputation as a firm who can help our clients on what matters globally through our network and relationships.

Alastair Peet, corporate partner and chairperson of the International Committee

We’re thrilled to have been
recognised in the FT’s Special Report for the unique innovations we have designed and built for our clients, people and the communities within which we

This year’s rankings are a testament to the commitment we’re making to drive forward innovation as a firm and our pursuit
of client excellence. They also set down a marker that we are here to
trailblaze to push the legal profession forwards into a new era focused on innovative service delivery.

David Jackson, CEO of Shoosmiths

We launched ESG 360 following conversations with a number of clients who were struggling to get a good overview of their organisations’ ESG compliance performance.

ESG 360, which we are offering without charge, enables organisations to spot and home in on any areas of particular concern,
signalling aspects of ESG where they may be at risk of non- compliance or falling behind best practice, as well as ways in which they can sustain and build on compliance in other areas.

Angus Evers, a partner at Shoosmiths who focuses on all aspects of environmental law and who spearheaded ESG 360

The funding provided by the Shoosmiths Foundation allows us to really focus in a more intentional and sustained way on supporting our beneficiaries towards achieving longer-term work and life progression and fulfilment; we are
very much looking forward to ramping-up delivery in the coming months and ultimately seeing the impact of the project on the people it is designed to support.

Katie Webb, Deputy CEO of JERICHO says of Jump Start

I am incredibly proud of our newest value “being ourselves” and I have always felt that Shoosmiths is a firm where we can all be ourselves and are valued for that. As we discussed in our recent board session with Global Butterflies, it’s important that we take active steps to assure particular groups of that inclusivity. I’m pleased to share these guidance notes to highlight that, as a firm, we are trans-inclusive, and that we provide a safe and supportive work environment for all colleagues.

David Jackson, CEO of Shoosmiths

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