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Many businesses enter into the same type of contracts again and again. The advantages of standardising these contracts for repeated use are obvious, including reducing risk, ensuring consistency and increasing efficiency. However, these contracts are often not standardised, particularly in large organisations where different draftsmen have their own preferred precedents.

Even where an organisation has developed template contracts, they will only remain fit for purpose if they are regularly, properly and consistently maintained to reflect changing law and commercial conditions.

Blueprint offers a sophisticated system for the production of template contracts tailored to the particular needs of your business, together with on-going maintenance to ensure they remain fit for purpose - all for a fixed price.

Benefits of using blueprint

Proven process

Blueprint takes the strain away from the process of drafting, implementation and maintaining templates by offering a clear, thorough and efficient route to a successful standardisation project.

User buy-in 

The very best template is useless if it is not used. Blueprint involves your users in the process right from the start, enabling them to contribute to the design and joining them in owning the project.


Blueprint templates are written in plain English, avoiding using out-dated phrases and Latin is banned! We do not use four words when one will do and we ensure that headings and clause order are easy to navigate, even including guidance notes which focus on what the user has to do to produce a draft contract from the template.

Experienced UK-based specialists 

All our blueprint services are provided by UK-based lawyers, giving you access to our collective wealth of experience and avoiding the common concerns associated with off-shoring.

Tailored to your business 

Blueprint's set-up stages will ensure the templates are fully tailored precisely to your specific business risks, needs and preferences. Any derogations outside specified acceptable parameters can be controlled, resulting in less need for legal input in reviewing contracts and a reduced risk of undesirable commercial positions being taken or of unhelpful precedents being set.

Technical solutions 

We can develop solutions to order to make your documents easier to use (eg drop down menus, electronic signatures) and to apply your brand to your contract documents or even apply Blueprint's maintenance service to any of your existing contracts.

Fixed price 

Blueprint is a modular fixed price offering, providing you with total cost certainty.


Blueprint services are modular (i.e. you can create new templates and/or maintain existing templates) and provided on a fixed price.

Quick results 

Our proven systems and ready-made process will ensure high quality results in the minimum time possible.

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