Shoosmiths waste management policy

Shoosmiths is committed to protecting the environment by demonstrating high standards of environmental responsibility in all our operations and minimising the environmental impacts associated with our activities, products and services. In particular we recognise the importance of adopting best practice in the way we move towards a zero-waste future.

Our documented approach is based on:

  • legislative compliance and demonstration of best management practice using approved, registered contractors;
  • adoption of waste hierarchical approach to the elimination of waste by focusing in order of preference on prevention, re-use, recycling, other recovery or, as a last resort, disposal;
  • encouragement of a circular economy approach that keeps resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use, then facilitating the recovery and regeneration of products and materials at the end of their Shoosmiths’ life;
  • approach to waste elimination that supports our net zero strategy and our SBTi validated targets to reach net-zero GHG emissions across the value chain by FY2040;
  • understanding of strategic decisions and operational practices that impact on waste generation and the design, implementation and review of procedures and programmes to address them;
  • measurement, monitoring, analysis and reporting of waste generation and used waste destinations;
  • establishment and regular review of objectives and targets;
  • investment of appropriate resources to minimise waste, based on best available techniques not entailing excessive costs (batneec);
  • where appropriate donating unwanted items that have benefit to designated registered charities or community organisations;
  • working with our supply chain to measure and minimise waste associated with products and services provision;
  • implementing, maintaining and communicating this policy across the firm and making it available to interested parties;
  • training and communication for staff to increase awareness, understanding and technical knowledge to reduce and manage waste; and
  • publishing our approach and progress against performance.


Date: 3 July 2023
Signed: David Jackson, Chief Executive


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