Managing sickness absence

About this course

Sickness issues which have not been identified quickly may present a stumbling block to employers contemplating dismissal of an employee for fair reasons. Confidence and effectiveness (and legal compliance) in dealing with sickness absence is greatly improved by clear information and practical guidance.

This course will provide you with critical information on effective and legally compliant sickness absence procedures and practical guidance on how to deal with complexities that typically arise.

Topics covered include

  • types of sickness absence
  • sick pay
  • statements of fitness for work
  • capability
  • sickness absence procedures

What you will learn

  • the importance of effective sickness absence management
  • how to manage sickness absence effectively
  • how to avoid infringing employment law throughout the process
  • identify the different types or causes of sickness absence
  • describe the characteristics of effective sickness absence management
  • process a Fit for Work Note
  • describe the sources of and entitlement to Sick Pay
  • recognise fairness in capability processes involving sickness
  • recognise the characteristics of a fair dismissal in a sickness absence situation
  • describe the steps involved in a fair sickness absence procedure
  • identify alternatives to dismissal related to sickness absence
  • identify the different reasons for dismissal for health related matters

Who is this course for?

Caution in confronting employees about matters of health can, in the absence of clear information and practical guidance, lead some managers to neglect to deal with issues adequately and in a timely manner. This course is valuable for line managers or anyone working in a human resource management capacity.

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