New How: Perspectives

Leading the conversation on market trends

At Shoosmiths we don’t see things in black and white. Rarely is life that simple.

We prefer to see every situation as unique and, while we bring experience and knowledge of legal disciplines, we recognise that a range of opinions and viewpoints is also necessary in order to fully understand the wider ramifications of a market issue and, if necessary, bring about change. As such, our lawyers are prepared to challenge convention, encourage debate and not be afraid to question the norm.

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ and what works for one business won’t necessarily work for another. The markets in which our clients work are too fast moving, too complex and involve too many stakeholders to be wholly predictable. The speed with which change occurs requires us to be nimble and informed on societal, environmental and economic trends. We strive to get under the skin of our markets to understand and empathise with the different and often contrary voices, factoring this insight into our advice and our market commentary. The more we know about our markets the better informed we are and the better placed we are to instigate positive change. That is why we see this as important.

New How Perspectives is a collection of thought leadership pieces and insights on the trends and themes impacting our markets, produced from a number of different perspectives. They do not preach and they do not claim to be right, but they do provide intelligent commentary on topical issues from people who really know their markets. We hope you enjoy them.

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